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16/10/2011 11:28:27 - Season End
16/07/2011 04:20:17 - Premier Division
Progress so far.....

Surprising result against Highfield in Game one of the season, didn't expect to win 5-0, the mush has been busy in the transfer market recently so we expect the return game to be more of a challenge. Bot team in game two so nothing to talk about there!
At home to Old Mill next in the league ( watch out Sean, I'm goin for a big win!!!! )

The Cup has been one way traffic upto now, but we face Chees F.C. in the semi-final. They beat Top Trump fairly handy in the last round so this game is one to look out for next Wednesday.

The ICUP has been great fun also, putting my team up against the best Profurgol has to offer. We went very defensive in the first game and got a grand hiding, game two was a different story.... went all out and only got beaten by the odd goal against a far superior team, it's been a great experience for our young players and competing in a tourney like this can only improve our team.

So... so far so good.... hopefully we can continue our unbeaten run in league and cup and maybe, just maybe we can do a double this year ( ambitious I know, but we can dream can't we!?!
11/05/2011 18:49:26 - Week 10
25/04/2011 19:25:30 - Week 8



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